Friday, 25 October 2019

Soap Sculpting!

As many of you know we have had the talent Warren Taylor working on a magnificent sculpture depicting rain forest flora and fauna on one side and sea creatures and underwater life on the other. 
This type of sculpting is different from creating with clay or similar modelling materials as the excess material (negative space) has to be removed from the shape of the object he is creating (positive space).

To make our last art class together memorable, a little bit unusual and use the same principle as our artist in residence, Year 6s had a go at soap sculpting. Each student drew a design focusing on a simple shaped object in the foreground overlapping a simple object in the background. Students added texture and additional details to their design. They used wire loop clay tools to carve the foreground shape and began removing any unwanted soap from around that shape. Texture was carved into the foreground shape and if they had time, the background shape was attempted. 
Some found it easy and others not so much but everyone enjoyed the session with some even taking it home and completing extra details. 
What a wonderful and novel way of creating artwork that can either be kept as a visual masterpiece or used for it's intended purpose, the choice is yours.