Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Artist in Residence

Mr Taylor
Sculpts Forest and Sea
Hidden Symmetry

We are incredibly lucky to have the brilliant Mr Taylor assisting every Friday in the Art room. Many of you know how talented he is and now the students have the opportunity to watch first hand a fantastic artist at work.

Throughout Term 2, Mr Taylor will be working every lunchtime out side the Art room creating a sculpted masterpiece.
So far he has drawn a grid on the Styrofoam block in order to map out and enlarge his drawing plan.

This Friday he will begin cutting into the foam, removing layers around the shapes, so they are 'in relief. This' means they stand out from the background.

Students are welcome to come to watch and encouraged to ask questions about the process as Mr Taylor works on this fabulous sculpture.

Monday, 8 April 2019


Harmony Day is a day where all Australians celebrate our cultural diversity.
The message for Harmony Day is that Everyone Belongs, which means all Australians are a welcome part of our country, regardless of their background.
It's also about community participation, inclusiveness and respect celebrating the different cultures that make Australia a great place to live.

Our ‘Butterflies of Belonging’ Art Installation has been created to symbolise and promote the key messages of Harmony Day.
                   The orange background is the chosen colour which represents Harmony Day.
The different butterflies symbolise the many different cultures and people that call Australia home.
The bright, beautiful colours give the feeling the butterflies are having a party’, symbolising us celebrating our diverse background and unique personalities.
Each year level is a colour to represent one of the many groups we belong to.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Students have been reviewing the Elements of Art as they create cover pages for their Visual Diaries.

Year 1 classes looked at colour and how the Primary Colours can be mixed to create the Secondary Colours. They also used line and shape when drawing their butterfly bodies.

Year 2 classes created the Secondary Colours by mixing each of the Primary Colour combinations. Line and shape will be used to create a patterned background and the letters of their names.

Year 3 classes revised the Warm and Cool Colours, using one group for the letters of their name (line and shape) and the other for their collage background. 

Year 4 classes looked at implied texture, making the letters of their name look like they feel like something.. Each letter of their name used line, shape, value and/or colour to create a texture.

Year 5 classes created optical illusions with the letters of their name. Line, shape and colour help to create these fantastic illusions.

Year 6 classes mixed their own colours using only the Primary Colours and black and white to paint a mosaic effect in the letters of their name (line and shape). Possible colour schemes included - Secondary, Warm, Cool, Complementary, Analogous and Monochromatic.

Their paint pallets were used to create a fabulous art piece, on display in the art room.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Welcome back to all our little budding artists and a warm welcome to our new students and Year 1 classes.

All students are required to have an A3 display folder to store their artworks in. You can find these at most Big W and K Mart stores as well as Officeworks. If you haven’t brought one in yet please do so as soon as possible – Thank you!

Students will also need an art shirt to protect their uniform during art classes. A massive, thank you, to Miss Amanda Rudd and Marvic Packaging Australia who, last year, generously donated a huge amount of plastic aprons to the art room. These aprons are adult size so students will be more comfortable with one that fits them more appropriately.

Activities and Experiences

Visual Art classes run once a fortnight as a double session, enabling the students to have an extended period of time in which to design and create their artworks.

Students will have opportunities to explore ideas, experiences, observations and imagination to create visual artworks that will be displayed within the school.  They will use the elements and principles of art design while experimenting with different materials, techniques and processes.
Students will also be provided with opportunities to participate in community art events and competitions throughout the year.

Visual Art class awards will be presented each assembly. The most deserving class will be awarded a certificate and hold the trophy in their class until the next assembly.

Lunchtime Art

Lunchtime Art will be held on Thursday and occasionally Friday lunchtime this year. Students are more than welcome to come in and finish off things from Visual Art class, create their own artworks or work collaboratively on larger projects.

It has been fantastic to see we have already had multiple students come in and get creative at ‘Lunchtime Art’.

The Arts are an excellent medium for children to express themselves creatively and I look forward to assisting them develop their skills and create some amazing masterpieces.

                           Warm regards,
                       Miss Carly Randall

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

IGA Perth Royal Show
School Artwork Competition

It's a bit of a treasure hunt to find Wattle Grove's artwork at the show this year, but that just makes it all the more fun checking out all the creative talent of WA students who entered. You can find most of our work in the Poultry pavilion and Robinson pavilion, as well as a piece in the Cat pavilion.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Hope all the Father's and Significant Males in our lives had a brilliant Father's Day.
I know you would have felt thoroughly spoiled when receiving your gorgeous creations.